After rsync the next amazing tool is TextMate’s rmate. What for? If you are connected to a remote host via ssh you can use rmate as a text-editor which is rather comfortable when you’re working on remote server for example. Install tuts and a nice guide can be found at Ernie Miller’s Blog.


Wanna download RTMP streams? Pretty easy with rtmpdump. Oh and you don’t like to compile that stuff on your own? Someone made a neat little Mac OSX Lion package installer.

Usage (example):
rtmpdump -r rtmp://link-to-stream -o ~/Downloads/my_file.mp3


Transfer Songs from iDevice

Ever wanted to sync back songs or other media from your iDevice? Or you have a new computer to sync to? Try iRip 2, it’ll help you big time. Or read the lifehacker article on how to sync your iDevice on a new computer.

Some more tech-stuff in future

I’ll continue this blog as my knowledge base and archive for stuff I found useful in the past. Maybe some pictures and tutorials or whatever.

For the Win Users

[msconfig] Microsoft Windows has a lot of crap in the startup process. Autostart can be pretty confusing, when you don’t know what you need. A good list with¬†explanations¬†of what you don’t need to start and what you should start can be found here:


A reference which should be kept in mind. I use it not very often but I’m always very glad I have it.