The Music-Thing

Today I finished listening my music collection.

The thing

When I started my bachelor thesis back in March, I thought I should listen each song in my collection, at least once. When I finished my thesis, I was something halfway through, so I decided to continue, with the goal to finish within 2013. And today I listened to the last song in my collection.

Why do I still have a music collection?

I think, music is something very personal. Music reminds me of people, places and situations. Most of the albums in my collection come with a personal story, a festival, a certain memory. Listening to my music collection is like stumbeling an old photo album. This is the reason why I don’t use services like spotify. If I would listen to any music I could just turn on the radio, I do that sometimes.

Why is this a thing?

Because music is much more than just a commercial product, some artists produce. I am interested in the story behind the music and the musician, or even better, if they tell me a story in theire songs.

Personally, I use a music server called Subsonic to listen to music everywhere. There are many apps for all kinds of plattforms. And I am not dependent on any commercial company.


  1. schmuki

    true story!

    btw: i have around 200 gigs of poorly sorted music… now i hope that beets ( will help me. have you heard about it?

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